Inspected and Approved on the COVID-19 Safety Protocols

We are happy to announce that Lifestyle Holidays Hotels & Resorts obtained the stamp as a property inspected and approved on the COVID-19 safety protocols by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.


The removal of plastic drinking straws

LHVC has a responsibility to protect the environment and an opportunity to initiate change for a better future. There is always more we can do to minimize waste, and we begin with a campaign to, where possible, eliminate or reduce single-use plastic in all of our VIP areas. With the support and commitment of members, guests, owners and team members we can make this change. The removal of plastic drinking straws will be implemented over the following week.


In accordance with the regulations of the ministries of Tourism, Public Health and other authorities of the Dominican Republic, we remind you of our obligation to comply with the established protocols and legal provisions, among which is the prohibition of use of Hookah, according to Law # 16-19, of February 12, 2019.

To guarantee the tranquility, enjoyment and rest of all our guests, the use of Speakers in the common areas of the hotel is also prohibited.

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