Carpe Diem Menu



Beef Consommé
Broad beans, Sweet corn, Chickpeas, Jalapenos’, Avocado and conander

New England Clam Chowder

Potatoes Cream
with leek and truffle scent


Green salad in red wine infusion
with Asian pear, Gorgonzola Cheese and nuts

Atlantic Salmon Tartar
over an avocado bed

Alaska Salmon Carpaccio
Bonito flakes, miso paste, dashi and leek

Smoked Salmon Terrine
Stuffed with Avocado and lobster with scallops aspic


A T-Bone Pound served in the stone
with baked potato and sour cream

Filet Mignon
accompanied with Gratinated Potatoes

New Zealand Lamb Ribs
with old mustard costar and mushroom powder accompanied with timbale vegetables

Chicken Breast
stuffed with spinach

Caramelized Duck breast
with Pomegranate sauce – with Gratinated Potatoes

Rice Corner

Broth Rice with Lobster and Shrimp
served in Paella

Black Rice
with Squid served in Paella


Salmon in a chipotle cruet
with seasonal vegetables

Seabass fillet flavored with English lemon
with wild rice in the Thai Style

Seafood Aquarium
horseradish with lemon sauce – Alaska Crab Legs – Senegalese Shrimps, Caribbean Lobster Tail with Cigala and Mussel from Galicia

Lobster Thermidor
with fake Eggplant Risotto


Cheesecake with Baileys and chocolate
served with English sauce

Gratin Forest Fruits with Champagne Sabayon and Grand Manier
accompanied with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream

Philadelphia Carrot Cake
with Cream Cheese

Medium Apple Pudding
with warm vanilla sauce

Chocolate Volcano
with Dulce de leche ice cream

Vegan Menu


Lentil soup with spinach
Chayote in tomatoes culi Almond crunch
Organic salad, purslane, tofu, avocado, watercress,
Cherri tomatoes
Sesame seed in passion fruit vinaigrette
Cucumber ceviche served in organic casaba
Arabian falafel in Green yogurt sauce
Hummus with bread pita
Carrot salad with raisins olive oil in lemon juice, cumin, and parsley

Strong Plates
Noodles taco in corn tortilla served in green tomato sauce
Pumpkin Ravioli
Vegan Hamburger – soy meat with wheat served in crispy potato,
mushroom, arugula, tomato, onion, and endive.
Ratatouille crepes in a creamy leek

Raspberry Ice Cream
Corn Cake prepared with soy milk
Flambé of the day
Fruit place